Our People

We are our people, a company working together, stronger together, unbeatable together.

The Verity Centre’s culture and ethos is at the heart of our company and our people. One of our Core Values is about our staff being themselves. We believe that our people should feel comfortable and be able to have one persona, the personal you, and the work you, should be one – be yourself.

Our philosophy is to nurture, inspire, expand the knowledge, develop and grow our people

our values

core values:

  • Vision
  • Equality
  • Results
  • Integrity
  • Teamwork
  • Yourself

our core values & ideals complement each other:

  • Vision we bring experience & innovation adding value to our client
  • Equality we bring respect and a leadership that is trustworthy
  • Results come from vision and innovation, releasing that important value for the client
  • Integrity brings respect and trust
  • Teamwork makes us youthful and brings out innovation


Value, Experience, Respect, Innovation, Trustworthy, Youthful